Well the N7 Turbine conversion parts arrived from Dennis at Blackout Conversions.
My current N7 Turbine has been a fine machine.  Dan Minnick did the original work.  When I received it in a trade I did a little tweaking to the fuel system and canopy mounts.
The downside to this original conversion was the lack of a fuel tank that fit well and was not obtrusive.
Then came along the Blackout N7 Turbine conversion.  Dennis has done a fine job with the design.  Eliminating the need for custom bearing blocks.  The support system for the Wren 44 is also a big plus.
The kit include a nicely done Kevlar tank with built in UAT.  The tank fits nicely within the new frames. 
I will try my best to document the progress of this endeavor through several blog posts.  

To begin the build I first needed to remove most of the frame parts from the existing carbon frame side.  The Blackout conversion includes two brand new side frames done in matte carbon.  Mine did come custom engraved as well.  The upper and middle bearing blocks from my existing airfare will not be used. These were custom machined by Dan.  The Blackout conversion uses all stock N7 bearing blocks.

Parts are ready to assemble.  New bearings will be installed during the rebuild. For a turbine setup the fan and ductwork are not needed.  I have tested the setup with both the fan installed and not installed and saw no real difference in performance or turbine temperatures. So to clean up and simplify the setup these have been eliminated.

More to come!....