I finally got back to the build. Frame is now built up and Turbine installed.  This went quite smoothly.  The Blackout frame alignment is spot on.
There are several options on regards to locations for mounting the fuel pump, ECU, Batteries and Flybarless.  
I am going to install the CGY760R on the included top plate in front of the main shaft above the clutch stack.  The batteries will be located on the existing rear plate. I am using two 2200mah size lips and they fit side by side nicely.  The Turbine batter is a 45C 2S Gensace.  The receiver pack is a standard 2250mah Pulse receiver pack.
Blackout did include space on the inner right frame at the front for a Wren pump mount.  I did not have the pump mount so I opted to place the pump on the right below and in front of the new electronics tray.

I do not need the stock electronics tray and will likely omit it and install just a frame brace.