Synergy N556-600 Stretch Kit

Synergy N556-600 Stretch Kit

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Torque Tube Ends
Bearing Housing help
Torque Tube Bearings
11mm Pin help
Torque Tube Pin Retainer
Torque Tube Bearing Holder O-Rings
Push Rod Ends 2ea
Kit to stretch the N556 to a 600 size.
1 each 556-034  34t Helical Tail Drive Gear
1 each 556-014  14t Motor Pinion
1 each  556-414  N556 Stretch Torque Tube
1 each 556-412   N556 Tail Boom Light
1 each 556-410  Tail Pushrod 595mm

You will also potentially need torque tube ends, pin retainers, 11mm pins Torque Tube Bearings, Bearing Holder and O-Rings. Also Pushrod ends.
Plus 600 size blades of course!

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