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Synergy 766 Helicopter Kit

Countless development and design hours have been invested to bring the RC Helicopter community a versatile and flexible machine. Lightweight and capable of running 716, 766 or 806mm blades, the 766 provides an upgrade path for pilots venturing into 776 and 806 class without the expense of 14 cell electronics. Innovative features such as dual main shaft thrust bearings, tune-able head dampening, and an adjustable battery tray system for quick CG tuning.


  • Main Blades: 716-806mm
  • Main Gear Ratio: 9.27-11.58
  • Tail Gear Ratios: 4.5 / 4.7 / 5.1
  • Boom sizes: 716,766,806
  • Tail blades: 106-116mm
  • Battery Configuration: 12s-14s
  • 64mm frame width


  • Machined helical mod 1.0 main and auto gears
  • Monster-mod 1.25 24T front and rear torque tube gears
  • Torque tube tail drive for high efficiency
  • Ultra-wide head system for rigid, precise control
  • Tunable blade grip pitch arm geometry
  • 12mm Main Shaft / 10mm Spindle with rocker support
  • Dual main shaft thrust bearings
  • Serviceable dual-bearing swash plate system
  • Quad progressive and adjustable head dampening
  • Turnbuckle linkage adjustments
  • Low disk loading
  • Multiple tail drive ratios
  • 6mm and 8mm pinions available
  • Locking battery tray with CG adjustment
  • Optimized tail arm geometry
  • Optimum boom sizes options for each blade size
  • Triple panel canopy system with high visibility paint
  • Grease ports for all 6 thrust bearings
  • Delrin gears, links, and components throughout
  • Designed and supported in the U.S.
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Synergy 516 Kit  999-516
Synergy 516 RC Helicopter Kit
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Synergy E5 Helicopter Kit
The E5 is one of only a few "true" 550 class helicopters which can swing 550mm blades right out of the box. The large disk size provides the stability and "pop" most pilots are looking for in a high performance helicopter. The E5 was also designed with a path for growth in mind. The E5 can be configured as a 6S 550 class helicopter which is perfect for the budget minded pilot that still wants a high performance helicopter but does not want to spend a lot on batteries. Since the E5 battery compartment can handle virtually any battery configuration and the motor mount can accept a variety of motor choices, the E5 can easily be converted into a 12S 550 class helicopter or stretched with existing parts into a 12S 600 class helicopter. The E5 is a true modelers helicopter which gives you the options needed to build and fly how you choose.

E5 Features & Specifications
  • "True" 550 class electric heli
  • Washout arm mounting integrated into the head block
  • 25/30mm motor bolt width for multiple motor options
  • Easily streched to 600 class helicopter with E6 parts
  • 52mm inner frame width for multiple motor options
  • Monster mod 1.25 bevel gears and counter gear
  • Machined delrin helical main gear
  • 6s-12s battery compartment capability
  • Lower motor shaft bearing block
  • Third main shaft bearing block
  • Direct servo to swash CCPM
  • Shaft driven tail system
  • 10mm main shaft / 8mm head axle
  • Break away canopy mounts
  • 2mm carbon frames
  • Pinions included
  • Carbon fiber servo arms
  • Main Gear Ratio - 7.93:1 - 9.91:1
  • Tail Gear Ratio - 4:1
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Synergy N7 Kit

The Synergy N7 is a product of many years of experience with nitro powered helicopters. Weighing in at 9.5lbs it is the lightest nitro helicopter in its class. The N7 is also the first model in history to be designed with a neutral CG fuel tank, this means your CG will change very little through out the coarse of your flight giving you the most consistent flying nitro helicopter available today. The simplistic, modular frame design has a low parts count and is easy to build/maintain. 


Neutral CG Fuel Tank - Quite possibly the first nitro powered helicopter to ever boast a neutrally positioned fuel tank. What does this mean? Historically fuel tanks have been located far behind the main shaft or far in front of the main shaft which means your Center of Gravity will change drastically from the beginning of the flight until the end. Changes to the CG during flight negatively affect flight characteristics, the Synergy N7 will stay balanced on the main shaft through out the entire flight!

Modular Frame Design - The Synergy N7 is comprised of a front frame which is separated from the rear frame. This means if you have a crash and break the front quadrant, you only have to replace the front quadrant. Separating the frames provides easy maintenance and lower cost flying. The frames are joined by three T6-6061 Aluminum bearing blocks and a rigid carbon fiber bottom plate.

Direct Drive CCPM - Modern flybarless electronics are designed with a direct to the swash linkage in mind. Why add the complexity and weight of bell cranks when it is not needed?

Giant CNC Delrin Helical Main Gear - The Synergy N7 main gear also serves as a dinner plate….. Not quite but it is really big! The custom helical angle ensures smooth, quiet power transfer with minimal motor loading and instant recovery after a load.

Mod 1.25 CNC Delrin Tail Drive Gears - These beefy gears will withstand even the most aggressive 3d pilot! Do not settle for molded gears in a model helicopter!!

Ultra light weight - Weighing in at 9.5lbs (without fuel) the Synergy N7 is one of the most aggressive nitro model helicopters ever to be produced.

High Detail Canopy - A high-detail canopy stylized with unique scalloping and side molding really makes the Synergy N7 helicopter stand out!

Adjustable Tail Ratio - Want to run a higher head speed but maintain a reasonable tail speed? No problem, the Synergy N7 comes stock with a 4.9:1 tail ratio that can be changed to 4.5:1 if you desire.

Multiple Main Gear Ratios - Want to run the Synergy N7 as a 600 class helicopter with a 90 nitro motor? Want to run the OS GT15 gas motor at a different gear ratio? You can do it! The Synergy N7 comes with a 17 tooth pinion and a 139T main gear. Optional pinions are available to accommodate many different configurations.

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Synergy N556 Kit 999-556
Synergy N556 Kit
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