Good day!
Heli Extravaganza is rapidly approaching.  We treat this event as a mini IRCHA.  The Helilids Store will be set up and open for business.

Product news:
Of course the Synergy 696 has been released.  I have several flights on mine and it is a joy to fly!  Kits are readily available with and without blades.  Rail 716 blades are currently in short supply though.

We are now carrying Scorpion Power Lipo packs and 6s, 4s and 2s configurations.  I have flown these myself and the power is awesome.  IR's on these packs have been below 1 per cell on the 75C packs after only a couple of flights.  Price wise they are a bargain!

We seem to be doing well with OS parts and will continue to increase stock as the need arrises.

We are expecting the release of the Futaba 32MZ radio any time.  We will be special ordering these as needed.

On the canopy front we have been using both Royal Canopy and Maskpro as of late. We added royal a few months back to help with availability.  Unfortunately it appears Royal Canopy may no longer exist.  We have been trying to get a status update on a pending order for two weeks now to no avail.  We continue to work with Maskpro but the process does take time on their end so canopies are slow to arrive.  We are doing the best we can with these limited options.