Well January is rounding down!

In the works I have Synergy 516 canopies.  These should arrive late February to early March.  Designs will be posted soon.

I am hearing from ZRC that the Pushglo will be re-released soon.  I have an order in for these as well as restock on SwitchGlo Pro's.

I have decided to continue stocking both the MKS and BK Servo lines.  

Many a Synergy pilot have expressed the need to source the small round servo wheels used in conjunction with Matt's carbon fiber servo horns.  The servo wheels are of course included with most servos but replacing them after a crash has been a bit more of a challenge.  I now have a source for quality servo horns at reasonable prices.  These are now listed. Look under servo accessories or search for servo horns.  

Diabolo 600 canopies are also in the works.  Those should arrive late February as well.

Thanks for checking out Helilids!