Well I finally got back to it. The wiring is finished up.

I was fortunate that my buddies at Aero Panda recently added a very cool product by a company called VSpeakl.
The VSpeak unit is essentially telemetry interface for XicoyECU units.  The VSpeak speaks Jeti, Futaba. HOTT and many other telemetry protocols.
One shortcoming to the Futaba 16SZ that I am currently using is that the only turbine telemetry it supports is Jetcat V10. Other Turbine telemetry is not supported unlike the higher end Futaba radio.
In comes VSpeak.  VSpeak can talk to Futaba using the basic telemetry protocols. It is very easy to use and I had it up and running within minutes. For more information on this cool unit check it out over at Aeropanda .

In addition to the on board telemetry unit I have added a Xicoy Smart Data Terminal at the rear of the airframe.  A Pulse Defender battery backup unit has also been added for redundancy.
Both the main receiver pack and the turbine battery are located in the read above the boom mount.  This allow easy access to plug and recharge the batteries.  Due to the added with in the nose from the turbine extra weight after of the main shaft is preferable. 

The Turbine N7 is now setup so that removal of the canopy will rarely be needed.  The canopy mounts are standard synergy key chain style mounts both in the from and the rear. To accommodate the extra space needed at the nose for the turbine the canopy mounts have been relocated about 30mm forward of the stock position.

The only thing left to tweak is the fuel system.  The tank is essentially plumbed but I do need to add a shut off valve and a cleaner way to mount the fuel filter.  This will be the last task.

More to come!